Experience the Future of Connectivity with GXC's Private 5G and LTE

Empowering a World Where Enterprises Can Rely on Seamless Private Wireless Connectivity

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise in the digital era with GXC’s comprehensive end-to-end private 5G and LTE solutions. Our cutting-edge network lays the foundation for seamless connectivity and growth.

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Why Choose GXC's Private Cellular as Wireless Networks?

private network deployment

A Complete Solution

The integrated private LTE/5G network where the enterprise owns the network. We provide RAN, Core, Mesh, NMS, and SIM, simplifying integration challenges. Our mesh-based architecture ensures quick deployment and reduces capital expenditure (CapEx).

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Integration Ready

Optimize your enterprise network with GXC’s all-in-one system, offering comprehensive support for fault management, configuration, accounting, performance, and security, combined with Edge and Cloud hosting. This integration provides unmatched efficiency and centralized control across multiple sites.

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Flexible and Secure

Boost your network with our GXC mesh nodes—offering extended cellular coverage without wired backhaul, rugged durability for any environment, and the latest in 5G technology secured by celllular grade end to end encryption.

Benefits of Cellular Mesh

GXC is the only company in the world that offers a cellular mesh solution, enabling you to deploy a high-performance and versatile private cellular network that is faster, more cost-effective, and superior, thus ensuring ubiquitous wireless connectivity.

Ease of Deployment

Highly Scalable

Encrypted Security

Uninterrupted Mobility

Complete Coverage

Simple to Manage

A Dedicated Cellular Network, Integrated with Your Local Network Infrastructure

The GXC ONYX Platform integrates seamlessly with your enterprise infrastructure. Our innovative Cellular Mesh architecture goes beyond standard cabled connections, expanding coverage considerably. This architecture includes access points offering dynamic cellular coverage, ensuring interference-free frequency reuse. Connect a range of cellular devices to boost productivity in essential business operations.


Private Cellular Network

Industrial Manufacturing

Revolutionize your industrial and manufacturing connectivity, providing a solid foundation for seamless and efficient processes.
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GXC Private Cellular Network

Warehousing & Logistics

Empower your warehouse and logistics connectivity to enable reliable tracking, automation, and efficiency. Our network gives you the tools and confidence to build your next-generation platform and to own and optimize your data.
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fast private cellular network

Airports & Marine Terminals​

Large areas with existing infrastructure are challenging for new ultra-dense networks. Our mesh-based network is wirelessly connected across vast indoor and outdoor areas providing the digital backbone across your port.
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fast private cellular network

Extractive Industries

Safety, management, and operational reliability is critical in challenging environments. Our mesh 5G network is setup quickly and delivered simply enabling efficiency, performance, and safety across your entire site.
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fast private cellular network

Entertainment and Venues

Elevate your entertainment and venue connectivity, creating unforgettable moments for your audience.
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AgriTech Tomorrow

Smart Agriculture and Food Processing

Transform productivity and quality, enabling precision from farm to table in every operation.
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fast private cellular network


Prioritize efficiency and reliability, fostering a resilient network that supports precision and responsiveness in critical medical environments.
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GXC Partners with CNH Industrial and The Ohio State University to Accelerate Agricultural Research

"One of the benefits of the private cellular network is its unique flexibility and scalability, which can be more cost-effective than other communications infrastructures"
Dr. Scott A. Shearer
chair of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Ohio State University

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