GXC Private Network Solutions

We provide comprehensive private 5G and LTE solutions for enterprises. Our centralized core can be on-site, in the cloud, or hybrid, ensuring seamless indoor and outdoor coverage. We eliminate dead zones and dropped connections, offering full mobility and reliable information assurance for your devices and users.

The GXC Difference

GXC delivers the most comprehensive private cellular solution for easy deployment, scalable connectivity, and robust security. We have the only end-to-end solution with RAN, Core, Mesh, NMS, and SIM, ensuring full enterprise ownership. Our mesh-based architecture enables rapid deployment and reduces CapEx, simplifying integration.

Ease of Deploment

Mesh-enhanced private networks allow easy, cost-effective expansion with wireless nodes—ideal in areas unsuitable for cabling. Just connect a node to power to add or move it.

Scalable Connectivity

A self-organizing mesh network quickly scales by simply connecting a node to power, instantly enhancing coverage. Each node offers multiple data routes, making the network highly scalable and resilient.

Encrypted Security

GXC mesh nodes seamlessly enhance enterprise security within our private LTE and 5G network platforms, ensuring data integrity, end-to-end encryption, and unmatched reliability.

GXC Turnkey Solutions

GXC offers the most comprehensive private cellular solution, featuring access points, mesh nodes, management systems, and edge servers for easy deployment, cost efficiency, and robust security.


Our end-to-end solution ensures seamless connectivity, robust performance, and scalability through:

The ONYX Edge platform integrates with enterprise networks for local data access and compute, leveraging the fastest private cellular network.

ONYX Portal provides comprehensive network monitoring, user, and device management, along with direct SAS integration for easy frequency grants.

GXC Onyx Solution
onyx portal


ONYX Portal is a comprehensive, cloud-native system designed to enhance management efficiency, scalability, and reliability by offering full network visibility. This single-stop platform allows for unified network monitoring, support, and user/device management.

Additionally, it features direct integration with the CBRS SAS, enabling operators to obtain frequency grants seamlessly. It also integrates effortlessly with enterprise infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations across your network.

GXC Mesh Node

Our Mesh Nodes allow an Outdoor Access Point to wirelessly connect to any other cable connected AP on the venue. This is accomplished through self-interference mitigation techniques that allow for access and backhaul carriers to co-exist. GXC’s Mesh Node offers coverage extension and rapid deployment where wired infrastructure is unavailable.

GXC Mesh Node
GXC Access Points

GXC Access Points and Multiplexer

Our Access Points (APs) offer top-tier performance and range for enterprise wireless environments. Compliant with 3GPP LTE & 5G TDD technology, they are integrated with global private spectrum access and self-organizing RF intelligence, optimizing network capacity for seamless coverage indoors and out.

The ONYX-Fronthaul Multiplexer (FHM) enhances network coverage and optimizes DU resources with high-performance versatility.

GXC ONYX Edge Server

The GXC ONYX Edge is powered by a range of efficient but powerful Intel processors, offering impressive performance even under heavy computing loads. The ONYX Edge makes an ideal network server or gateway device with ample room for expansion and customization.

GXC Edge Server
private network starter kit

GXC ONYX Starter Kits

Designed to swiftly tackle the complexities of today’s fast-paced sectors, Our Starter kits provide a seamless solution to your network challenges. With instant deployment, comprehensive management, and unmatched security, this quick setup empowers advanced devices and services, ensuring robust, reliable connectivity for automation and operational efficiency.

How Our Solution Works

All existing and future devices
can easily connect

(cellular, WiFi, BLE)

Network hardware & software is deeply pre-integrated
(cellular, WiFi, BLE)

All existing and future devices
can easily connect

(cellular, WiFi, BLE)

GXC Solution Components

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