GXC ONYX Edge Servers

Unleash the power of GXC Onyx Edge, engineered with the industry-leading Intel processors to deliver unmatched performance, even under the most demanding computing loads. This versatile device serves as the perfect network server or gateway, offering extensive room for expansion and customization to meet all your business needs.

ONYX-ES | ONYX Edge Server

The GXC Onyx Edge is powered by a range of efficient but powerful Intel processors, offering impressive performance even under heavy computing loads. With up to 6 Gb LAN ports, the Onyx Edge makes an ideal network server of gateway device with ample room for expansion and customization.

Featuring 1 and 1.5U systems, the Onyx Edge, with right angle case folds to minimize EMI and quiet cooling fans. Energy efficient and sleek, the GXC Onyx Edge was designed with the needs of today’s networking, server and data acquisition applications in mind.

GXC Edge Server
ONYX Edge ES-6

ONYX-ES6 | ONYX Edge Server

The GXC ONYX-ES6 server harnesses the cutting-edge power of the latest Intel Xeon processor, ensuring exceptional performance under the most demanding workloads. This server is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern enterprise environments, providing a seamless, high-speed processing experience that enhances overall productivity.

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