The New Guard of IT Security: GXC Onyx’s Private Cellular Networks in Industry 4.0

In the wave of Industry 4.0, the interconnectedness of devices, systems, and processes is unlocking unprecedented efficiencies and opportunities. However, with increased connectivity comes the challenge of ensuring robust security.  GXC Onyx Private Cellular Network is designed from the ground up to deliver the highest levels of Enterprise Security.
Regular Software Updates
Think of an automated manufacturing line. One minor software vulnerability could halt production or, worse, lead to manufacturing defects. By ensuring regular software updates, GXC Onyx prevents such interruptions, keeping business operations smooth and reliable.
On-Premises Data Processing
With on-premises data processing, GXC Onyx ensures that user data doesn’t leave the physical confines of the enterprise, thus preventing external threats and industrial espionage.
On-Premises Data Processing
Designed to thrive in complex industrial environments, GXC’s patented, industry-first cellular Mesh node ensures uninterrupted communication between machines, real-time data analytics, and adaptable scalability. Especially where broadband ethernet or fiber cannot be made available. Experience a new dimension of reliability and interoperability, positioning your enterprise at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Enterprise 5G: The Backbone of Industry 4.0

Traffic Policies and QoS
like feed from your high definition security cameras and IoT sensors for HVAC can enable significant mean cost savings & threat mitigation. With 3GPP-based traffic prioritization, GXC Onyx ensures that critical data, like real-time machine analytics, gets bandwidth priority.
Configurable APN
For instance, a logistics department might need a different data access level than the production floor. Configurable APNs allow tailored network access, enhancing both security and efficiency.
Dedicated Core
A dedicated core ensures that the data-intensive tasks of one specific department doesn’t impede the operations of another, facilitating seamless multitasking in large-scale enterprises.

Leading with Comprehensive Protection

GXC Onyx’s integrations are geared for the demands of modern industries. With an API based architecture, Onyx provides a simple and efficient integration with other IT infrastructure like Firewalls & SASE. With our latest release of the Onyx Platform, we have incorporated new features like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO), and Audit Logs. We have taken our customers’ ability to safeguard and manage their network. With minimal efforts, GXC’s Onyx can smoothly integrate with other existing security infrastructure.
GXC Onyx Security

Certificate-based Mutual Authentication 

GXC’s APs and Mesh nodes utilize certificate-based mutual authentication for network access, safeguarding against man-in-the-middle attacks and unauthorized devices. Onyx’s authentication protocols, 5G-AKA and EAP-AKA, enhance both flexibility and security.


The Onyx platform uses the latest 3GPP based cellular protocols for a complete OSI’ seven layer encryption, surpassing those available on standard Wi-Fi based solutions. The system employs 128-bit AES encryption in air transmissions, aligning with the NSA’s CNSA 2.0 quantum-resistant standards. 5G technology improves key management, ensuring the master key remains hidden and device identity is protected. All enterprise data stays entirely within enterprise control.

End-to-End Encryption

With a choice of physical SIMs or eSIMs based Private Cellular Network, Onyx creates a data pipe that is end-to-end encrypted and ensures the user’s private data is protected and safeguards against hacking and leakage of proprietary information. 

SIM Locking feature ensures only known and permitted users can access the network, allowing the managers to block any rogue devices with a click of a button.

Traffic Segmentation

GXC’s Onyx platform offers end-to-end traffic segmentation, encrypting groups of devices or applications individually, both over the air and wired. Leveraging the distinct cellular identities, Onyx integrates with enterprise LAN security measures like VLANs and ACLs.

Cloud Hosted Platform with Security at its Core

All management data is securely housed and accessed in the cloud through encrypted TLS tunnels from the Onyx Edge to the Onyx Portal. The Onyx Portal is designed to meet the SOC 2 type 1, 2 audit standards. With SAML v2 Single-Sign-On support, enterprises can integrate existing identity providers for role-based access, ensuring compliance with security team-defined access control, password, and MFA policies.

Wrapping Up

The digitization of traditional businesses and the Industry 4.0 revolution promises a future of unparalleled efficiency and interconnectivity, but it also presents new security challenges.

With GXC Onyx, enterprises have a partner that understands these challenges and delivers solutions tailor-made for the next industrial revolution.

We have taken the inherent value propositions of Private Mobile Networks – better control and security as compared to the traditional public networks; and have customized it further to serve our customers’ specific needs.

All GXC Access Points and Mesh Nodes are FCC/ WinForum Certified for Part 96 operation in the CBRS band in the US.

Embrace the future. Choose security, choose efficiency, choose GXC Onyx.

Key Highlights for GXC Onyx
  • Comprehensive control over data paths with robust encryption.
  • Seamless integration of policies with enterprise security services.
  • Advanced 5G-AKA and EAP-AKA processes boost authentication security.
  • Advanced SIM security ensures precise endpoint profiling.
  • Enhanced user privacy via SIM Locking to Block unauthorized access of the Network.
  • Intelligent  routing and open API integrations fortify defenses and enhance device accessibility.

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