Similarities Between CBRS and WiFI with the Experts Mark Houtz and Jeremy Rollinson (Part 1)

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Join us for the first of a thrilling two-part episode on the Keep it Private podcast as we dive into the transformative world of private networks. Hosts Cristina Betanzo and Hardik Jain, along with network experts Mark Houtz and Jeremy Rollinson, explore the technologies of CBRS, LTE, 5G, and our trusted companion, Wi-Fi. This discussion promises to reveal how these advanced technologies are reshaping enterprise networking and bolstering security. Learn from our experts who have been instrumental in deploying these networks across diverse environments. Don’t miss this captivating dialogue that sets the stage for even deeper insights in Part Two. Tune in to get inspired and stay ahead in the evolving landscape of network security and connectivity! Check out more episodes at GXC.IO/podcasts.