Quite simply, a private cellular network is a standards-based cellular network that is fully contained within and managed by your enterprise.

The technology is the same and is based on the same standards. The difference is security, control, performance, and ownership. With the GXC network, since you own the network rather than the carrier, you make the decisions.

A private cellular network will enable you to reliably connect virtually unlimited numbers of new devices – handhelds, sensors, robots, and more – and have control and security over the entire ecosystem.

The primary differences are the reliability of the connections, data transfer, and depth of control over the network. Cellular is uniquely different from WiFi in the way that data transmissions are scheduled so that traffic on a private cellular network is always assured.

Your user data is only available to authorized users on the network. Network managers, the operations center, and GXC do not have access to your user data.

Its quite simple – a systems integrator (SI), selected by you or your distributor, will perform a site survey, mount the access points, install the server or server image in your rackspace, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

That’s completely up to you. Your IT department can manage the network, you can work with a managed service provider partner, or your distributor can provide a partner. We provide the tools, the portal, and the training, and you’re on your way!

Deliveries of the network will start in July of 2022.

No! Because you own the network, all the data used within the network is all covered. The enterprise is responsible for all the backhaul costs, the same as your WiFi and LAN networks are setup today.

You don’t! The GXC network utilizes a bit of spectrum designated as CBRS – the citizens broadband radio service, also known as Band 48 – which is free for anyone to use. Our platform automatically requests the local grants required to transmit and you’re ready to go.

There are currently hundreds of consumer devices available that operate in Band 48 (b48) including smartphones and tablets from all major manufacturers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and routers – and that list is constantly growing.

If it’s a Band 48-capable an unlocked device, scan to a QR-code that we provide, and your device will load a profile into the embedded SIM. If an embedded SIM isn’t available, we can provide physical SIM cards to plug into the device.