Announcing Our First Commercial Product Launch: GXC Onyx

There’s no greater gift for a startup than to celebrate a 6th birthday with the announcement of our first commercial product launch! GXC Onyx is an end-to-end private 5G network solution that will accelerate the digital transformation in enterprises across a variety of verticals. Leveraging over five years of research and development, the GXC Onyx platform utilizes a proprietary interference cancellation technology that enables access to devices provided in the publicly available CBRS spectrum. This is an incredible milestone for us to celebrate and we are thrilled for the next chapter.

Not only are we growing in age as a company, but certainly in size. We have welcomed onboard several new employees and have many opportunities opening for more. Be sure to visit our Home Page for a list of the latest job postings available and share with any innovative minds within your network that would like an exciting career with a high-performance team. We are a company with a culture that excels in working together to bring ideas of world changing solutions to reality.

We will also be releasing new episodes on our podcast, GXC MeshUp that you won’t want to miss featuring expert perspectives and insight for entrepreneurs and tech companies alike trying to navigate the future. This includes conversations on Private LTE and 5G, collaborative innovations, and cutting-edge technology that will elevate the way we all do business. You can find GXC MeshUp on Apple and Spotify, or just head over to our Podcast Library.

We appreciate all who have supported us along this exciting path as we explore innovative possibility. If you’d like more information on GXC Onyx’s unique approach of utilizing mesh network technology, contact our Sales Team or check out the whitepaper we shared on the Benefits of Cellular Mesh for Private 5G Networks written by M37.