Our systems provide the complete connectivity foundation and secure edge compute platform that will enable your critical business applications.

Featured Industries

Industrial Manufacturing

Our mesh 5G solution provides ultra-reliable, low-latency, and highly-secure connections for devices and humans across your industry. This enables the backbone to drive safety, productivity, and automation necessary to propel you forward.

Warehousing & Logistics

As you digitally transform your logistics facilities to enable reliable tracking, automation, and efficiency, our network gives you the tools and confidence to build your next-generation platform and to own and optimize your data.

Airports & Marine Terminals​

Large areas with existing infrastructure are challenging for new ultra-dense networks. Our mesh-based network is wirelessly connected across vast indoor and outdoor areas providing the digital backbone across your port.

Extractive Industries

Safety, management, and operational reliability is critical in challenging environments. Our mesh 5G network is setup quickly and delivered simply enabling efficiency, performance, and safety across your entire site.

Use Cases

Application and device connectivity

Our 5G-based network enables real-time IoT and M2M connections, location services, human-to-human connectivity, and edge applications for enterprises.

Indoor and outdoor coverage

Our mesh network spans diverse areas enabling seamless connections
across many different sites, campuses, and buildings.

Data management and ownership

The data consumed on the network is your own. We enable your enterprise to fully utilize this data for business efficiencies and optimization.

Network performance optimizations

Using standards based network slicing and prioritization, multiple virtual networks can be built at your site to enable reliable data transfer of all types.


Full application stack integration

We deliver compute across the network making our solution an ideal environment for deploying high-demand applications.



Hybrid-cloud architecture

While we do host services in any public or private cloud, our edge architecture brings this closer to your premises so that you can maximize data reliability and performance.

Automated device authentication

Using an integrated eSIM platform, many modern devices can be simply connected to your private enterprise 5G network while still being able move back to carrier networks.

End-to-end Security

Our network leverages security protocols based
on the 3GPP standard
for secure cellular communications making your network and data resilient to compromise.

“4G and 5G Private Cellular Networks are becoming the foundational building blocks enabling Industry 4.0 transformation; a $3T+ market opportunity. We were humbled to work with GXC through the 5G Open Innovation Lab program in 2020 and remain super bullish on their unique interference cancellation and mesh solution platform capabilities. Their technology is already proving to help enterprise customers improve network performance, resilience, speed of deployment, and cost of ownership.”

Jim Brisimitzis 5G OilLab

U.S. DoD

Defense agencies leverage the flexibility, security, and portability of our private network solution for communications at permanent installations, forward deployed units, or any other location.


Campuses are ideal to seamlessly blend indoor/outdoor coverage for a single campus-wide network. Network slicing and optimization ensures content for different users is delivered reliably.


Mission critical comms and ultra-low-latency are essential to the healthcare industry. We provide both, enabling robotic surgery, critical infrastructure, and other site-wide communications.


Data reliability and assurance are ideal for venue infrastructure. Connecting point-of-sale systems, advertising systems, security, we ensure reliable connections in the densest locations.

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