Strategic Alliances

GXC Authorized Partner Program

Welcome to the GXC Authorized Partner Program, where collaboration propels innovation. We invite enterprises globally to join our expanding network of value-added resellers (VARs), system integrators (SIs), managed service providers (MSPs), Value-Added Dealers (VADs), and independent sales agents aiming to leverage GXC Onyx, our private cellular network solution, to create enhanced value for their customers.

Our program is designed to empower partners with comprehensive tools, training, and support to deliver enhanced solutions and services to their clients, utilizing GXC’s cutting-edge technology. The mission for these partnerships is to foster a synergistic relationship, where the combined efforts and strengths of the entities involved often lead to results greater than what each could achieve independently.

Program Highlights

Value-Added Resellers (VARs)—Enhance your product and service offerings with the unique opportunity to sell GXC Onyx, ensuring end customers receive a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific needs while margining the solution, providing the network design, installation and managed services after the sale including recurring revenue streams including but not limited to tier 1 and 2 support.

System Integrators (SIs)—Seamlessly incorporate GXC Onyx into other up and downstream enterprise platforms via our APIs, providing end-to-end solutions for your customers and expanding your project scope, integrating platforms together into a cohesive, secure private network.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)—Offer your clients leading-edge managed services powered by GXC Onyx, and enjoy recurring revenue streams, technical support, and advanced training opportunities, adding value to your existing services by integrating with our top-tier solutions.

Value-Added Dealers (VADs): VADs can benefit by retailing GXC Onyx with unique, patented features not available in other private wireless solutions. GXC will in turn support VADs by providing sales training and sales support including but not limited to sharing GXC’s network on authorized partners to aid in network design, deployment and managed services after the sale.

Sales Agents: Independent sales professionals and sales organizations can benefit from our Partner Program by earning competitive commissions for every sale generated. GXC provides the necessary sales training and sales support to ensure sales agents are fully equipped to represent the GXC brand.

Join us and unlock a world of opportunities, comprehensive support, and a community committed to mutual growth and success. Apply now to become a GXC Authorized Partner today!