5G and LTE Private Network Solutions

GXC’s Private 5G and LTE solution meets enterprise needs with a scalable, secure, high-performance network that minimizes downtime. Our solution grows with your business, protects sensitive data, and supports real-time data processing with dedicated bandwidth and low latency. A robust, centralized management system simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting, ensuring continuous, efficient operations.

Our Value

Enhanced Performance

Dedicated bandwidth ensures uninterrupted connectivity, meeting the demands of real-time data processing and operations.

Superior Security

Complete control over network data and access, protecting sensitive information.

manufacturing private network deployment

Custom Deployment

Tailored to fit specific industrial needs, from manufacturing to logistics and business-critical operations, allowing the network to grow with your business.

Our Competitive Edge

Utilizing patented interference cancellation, GXC’s technology provides cellular wireless backhaul and access, making it ideal for areas where cabling is challenging or cost prohibitive, ensuring robust and complete on-site coverage.

GXC 5G edge

GXC Onyx Edge with 5G Standalone Core

Independent Operation
No reliance on external networks

Enhanced Security & Performance
Vital for data integrity and real-time processing

Backward Compatibility
Manages both LTE and 5G Access Points

Innovative 5G Access Points & Multiplexer

New O-RAN based APs
Best-in-class throughput and latency

Fronthaul Multiplexer
Combines signals for a single, high-performing cell

Optimized Bandwidth
Improved data rates and reduced handover

onyx portal

Centralized Management System

Unified Network View
Simplifies monitoring and management

Faster Troubleshooting
Minimizes downtime and enhances operational efficiency

Streamlined Management
Essential for cost-effective enterprise operations

"One of the benefits of the private cellular network is its unique flexibility and scalability, which can be more cost-effective than other communications infrastructures.

As our needs evolve, we can expand the network very quickly and inexpensively to pursue new research initiatives that will accelerate the adoption of digital agriculture technologies to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability at farm, regional, national, and global scales."
Dr. Scott A. Shearer
chair of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
The Ohio State University

Evaluating Whether Private 5G or Private LTE
Best Fits Your Business's Tech Strategy

Each option caters to unique connectivity needs. Depending on the use case, your current infrastructure, and network requirements in terms of latency, capacity, speed, and density, either LTE or 5G may be more suitable.

Consider your operations: Are you managing many connected devices, relying on real-time data, or based in a remote location? Understanding these factors helps in making an informed decision.

Key Factors in the Decision-Making Process


Private 5G offers low latency, minimizing the delay between sending and receiving information. This low latency is essential for real-time applications that require rapid data transmission and real-time responsiveness.


Enhanced capacity in Private 5G allows the network to manage a large number of devices and high data traffic simultaneously. Improved capacity metrics support large-scale device management across facilities.


Private 5G’s faster speeds enable businesses to transfer large amounts of data more quickly. These faster speeds support a wide range of applications that require high-speed connectivity.


High density in Private 5G supports a large number of devices and connections within a specific area. This is essential for maintaining high performance and reliability in environments with a high concentration of devices.

Both technologies offer distinct benefits: LTE is cost-effective, reliable, and well-established, making it suitable for many current applications. Meanwhile, 5G, despite its higher initial deployment costs, provides advanced capabilities and efficiencies that can lead to long-term savings. Enhanced performance and scalability in 5G support more devices and applications, potentially reducing operational
expenses over time.

5G vs LTE comparison

Use Cases and Applications

These use cases show how private networks can transform industries, driving innovation and boosting efficiency, safety, and operational performance.

two workers in a manufacturing plant

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Real-time inventory management and diagnostics
  • Video surveillance and analytics
warehouse inventory

Warehousing & Logistics

  • Fleet management
  • Package tracking
  • Enhanced safety and security systems

Extractive Industries

  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Asset tracking and management
farmer walking crops


  • Autonomous machinery
  • Livestock monitoring and management
  • Crop monitoring
soccer stadium


  • Emergency response, safety and secure communication
  • Real-time video surveillance
  • Energy monitoring
airports and ports

Terminals and Ports

  • Operational IoT
  • Automated threat detection
  • Container/package tracking
windfarm energy


  • Enhanced field operations
  • Remote asset monitoring and maintenance
  • Smart grid management
ct scanner


  • Enhanced imaging and diagnostics
  • Emergency coordination
  • Remote patient monitoring
construction workers onsite


  • Connected workers
  • Site management
  • High-quality video streaming
"Connectivity is a key to unlocking the full power of precision technology on the farm. This private cellular network will allow the Center to conduct even greater research, use the full potential of their equipment, and gather more data on their entire operation. GXC has been a tremendous partner by working closely with us to ensure that the infrastructure delivers the performance and security that we require."
Josh Parker
Enterprise Connectivity Delivery Office at CNH Industrial


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