Announcing Our First Commercial Product Launch: GXC Onyx

GXC Onyx

There’s no greater gift for a startup than to celebrate a 6th birthday with the announcement of our first commercial product launch! GXC Onyx is an end-to-end private 5G network solution that will accelerate the digital transformation in enterprises across a variety of verticals. Leveraging over five years of research and development, the GXC Onyx platform utilizes a proprietary interference cancellation technology that enables access to devices provided in the publicly available CBRS spectrum. This is an incredible milestone for us to celebrate and we are thrilled for the next chapter.

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GXC Onyx Private Network

It has been a busy few months at GXC! All around us, we’re seeing evidence of the growing demand for enterprise private networks as CIOs and other key stakeholders recognize that the ability to enable automation across their business requires a strong and reliable network backbone to support critical connections to machines, sensors, robotics, tracking systems, and of course, user devices. We are answering that demand with our private network solution giving the enterprise full ownership and control of their wireless connectivity network, security of their devices and network infrastructure, access to their own data on demand, and the tools necessary to continue down the path toward full digital transformation.